What I Love About Beko HarvestFresh Refrigerator

Beko HarvestFresh Refrigerator

I know why you’re here. You are probably looking for a new refrigerator or you’re interested in the new Beko Harvestfresh Refrigerator. A refrigerator is a must-have in every kitchen. However finding a good refrigerator or specifically one that will cater to your needs can be overwhelming. You will have to filter it according to feature, size, and your budget.

I hope my feature about the new Beko HarvestFresh Refrigerator helps you with your decision.

Now, if I’m going to choose just one appliance for my kitchen, it has to be the fridge — because it keeps our drinks cold, it keeps our food from spoiling , and it helps us store fresh food at home for a longer period of time. I love stocking our fridge because my family are big snackers and eaters. These days, keeping a well-stocked fridge and freezer is a must. If you can have fresh food that can last for weeks, the better because it keeps you from going outside often.

Ever since the pandemic, we kept going outside to a minimum — even going to the grocery and the palengke. It makes me feel safe and I know that I’m helping the country by staying at home. Our Beko Harvestfresh Refrigerator helped us a lot in doing so.

We welcomed this refrigerator in our home a month ago. This model is: Beko RDNT401E50VZK and retails at around ₱ 30,000 ++

Beko HarvestFresh Refrigerator


1. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and nutritious as the day we bought them.

Beko has this 3-color technology in the crisper that mimics the 24 hour sun cycle which maintains the quality of your fruit and vegetables without losing its vitamins. It means less shopping time, more time for my family, more nutritious food for us, less food waste, and more savings!

2. It has NeoFrost Dual Cooling.

NeoFrost Dual Cooling to keep humidity at optimum level. There’s no mixing of odour so that food stays fresh for longer

3. Frost free system therefore no frost build up.
4. It has a ProSmart Inverter Compressor

Pro Smart Inverter Compressor is 4x quieter and more durable than average refrigerator

5. Clear view of the inside with smart led illumination.
 I love that it has a smart led ilumination that let’s me see everything inside the refrigerator clearly.


Now I can shop on a bi-monthly basis for fresh produce and I don’t have to worry about it losing its freshness and nutrients. Beko HarvestFresh Refrigerator’s 3-color technology helps me serve fresh food to my family and keep food waste at bay.

For more information about Beko HarvestFresh, drop by https://www.facebook.com/bekoph

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4 Responses

  1. It was reviewed very much with awesome features,I love the way people like it ,very much, needed ,it is worth the money

    1. Wow Ang Ganda naman Ng Beko Refrigerator..I love the fact that is so physically classy and the fruits and vegetables stays long fresher

  2. Ang ganda naman nitong Beko Refrigerator sulit sa price niya sa ganda ng quality.

  3. Why do I hear noise with BEKO (same model as yours) which is louder than my non inverter ref? Thanks.

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