Halloween Party Idea: Jack O’ Lantern Sodas

It’s Halloween at The Peach Kitchen!!

The beginning of October makes me as giddy as the beginning of December…

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Halloween…

And October means Halloween recipes, Halloween parties and Halloween Crafts.

The third week of October is when my sister and I hold the Halloween party for our family. Sis takes care of the cute finger food and the costumes while I am in-charge of the creepy adult Halloween food.

Last year, I did some cute and gross Halloween recipes. I will try to do more of them this year and I hope you join the fun.

Remember the FrankenS’mores Pops, Used Band-Aids, and the Severed Fingers?? Those are just some of the things I did last year.

Let me start off with the sodas for the upcoming Halloween party.

Yup, I plan my spooky stuff at the start of the BER months. Work my way with the ingredients and what-nots towards mid-september and by October 1st, I’m waaaay excited  and I can’t wait to show you everything I got!!

For our party drinks, I bought some large orange sodas because they resemble a pumpkin more than colas and rootbeers. The first thing I looked for was Royal Tru-Orange, I forgot that their bottles went on a diet and are now sexier. So I used these Zesto Orange Sodas instead.

I had originally planned on drawing Jack O’ Lantern faces on black art papers but because I’m lazy a little busy, I just printed out some, cut them and glued them onto the bottles!

If you’re a mom, I’m betting you liked my idea!

Use this at your Halloween party and let me know…


I may not be posting in the next couple of days. I’m gonna accompany my niece in buying and choosing the color guard uniforms for their school band. And I maybe stuck baking cupcakes for them….


  1. Amy Tong says

    woo…scared me for a second when I open your page. hahaha…I love the way you decorate the bottles.  So much fun and so festive!  :)

  2. Catherine says

    Your enthusiasm is wonderful. I am new to your blog and it is full of life and delicious recipes. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

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