Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine's Day

I am such a fan of Valentine’s Day. What I’m not a fan of is going out on this day because of the traffic, the long lines in restaurants, and the sky high prices of everything.

I prefer celebrating this sweet holiday at the comforts of our own home. As you all know, peanutbutter worked abroad for four years before we decided it’s enough and it’s time to go home. So for four Valentine’s Day since 2010, it’s all about me and my daughter, Ykaie.  Sometime in 2012, we tried to eat out and had a restaurant reservation at Illustrado. But the following year, it’s was Valentine’s Movie Night at Home followed by Breakfast in Bed for Ykaie the next year.

peanutbutter came home and decided to stay here for good in 2014. Then I got pregnant and we moved into a new home. Life was hectic, Valentine’s Day last year came and went and I didn’t even notice.

Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine's Day

With Twinkle at 7 months old now, I think it’s about time I celebrate Valentine’s Day again with my peanutbutter. Heck, I’ve been waiting for this for 6 long years! Something romantic, something we can do at home….. something for us.

Date Nights hadn’t been a priority for peanutbutter and I since last year. Well, with the moving, the pregnancy, and now the kids, how can it be?. Well, it’s time things change around here and it’s gonna start this Valentine’s Day.

I’m planning on a Romantic Living Room Picnic for us. Kids will be left in the care of my dear sister who’s more than willing to let us spend some quality husband and wife time.

Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine's Day

So what do we need for this DIY Romantic Living Room Picnic?

I know most people have a bottle of wine at home which they set aside for “special occasions“. Now is the perfect time to take it out. Open some crackers, slice a few cheese and throw in some fresh grapes, dried fruits, or nuts — and you’ve got a cheese platter.

Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine's Day

A glass of wine and some cheese would be perfect to kick off our romantic living room picnic. Followed by a plate of Chorizo Basil Spaghetti –for sharing. It’s about time we have a heart to heart talk and catch up on US.

I also thought it would be nice to cap off our romantic picnic with something that would reconnect us. Since both of us love massages, we’re trying out MELT: Massages for Couples!

Romantic Living Room Picnic for Valentine's Day

MELT: Massages for Couples is a series of short, beautifully filmed video clips done by Denis, an Australian professional massage therapist with 15 years’ experience, and his wife Emma. The videos show couples how to use their hands properly so they don’t tire out or get sore.

I was hesitant to try it out at first because I thought it would be awkward to watch or that there would be plenty of instructions that I’d have information overload. It’s the complete opposite!  The videos are beautifully filmed and are around 1-5 minutes each so you do not need to commit to hours of massaging. The instructions are so easy to follow and is highly adaptable even when you don’t know how to do a massage.

Denis was able to cover everything in the instruction video from setting up the romantic mood in the location where you’ll do the massage, the kind of oil you want to use and how to apply it, how to do the basic strokes, and how not to get sore hands.

Before watching Melt, I thought massages are only for tired muscles and relaxation. Now, I’m seeing massages through a whole new level. It’s one way to reconnect and ignite romance between couples. It’s also about spending quality time, sharing a new experience together, and just being present with your partner and feeling the love.

There’s so many techniques in the video clips and everything is so easy. It’s all guaranteed to relax your partner and make them melt….

Let me tell you something about MELT…

The Basic Series This series starts with correcting some of the most common massage mistakes and showing you the foundations of your massage with long, sweeping strokes. You watch the short videos with a technique or tip in each, and it ends with a 5 minute follow-along massage routine.

The Highlights Series This is where things start to get really good! You learn to look for the sore spots on each other’s bodies and how to work them. The neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, head… you’ll find places you didn’t even know that were sore! After you learn the 9 techniques from this series, there’s a 15-minute massage routine to follow along to. Hands still don’t hurt!

The Deep Tissue Series So many people, myself included, love Deep Tissue stuff but it shouldn’t by over-emphasized. Denis leaves these tips to the very end for good reason, but they are such good techniques. It ends with an epic 30-minute massage follow along massage routine.

What I love about MELT

Can I tell you a little secret? peanutbutter♥ gives really good massage and I don’t. There’s this point in time that I wanted to learn how. I was willing to go to a workshop or a seminar to learn. It’s really amazing that I found out about MELT, because I don’t have to leave home to learn how to do a massage. MELT is already a massage meant for couples and designed for romance.

I learned a lot of new things from MELT. Like the best location for a massage (it isn’t the bedroom, guess where?)and how long should you keep your massage oil. I had to throw away a massage oil that I’ve been keeping for two years last night.

MELT is such a great investment because there’s just so many techniques, there’s enough here for a years’ worth of clever date ideas at home!

It makes me look forward to more date nights/ day dates with peanutbutter. MELT made us aware of how much we need to focus on each other and be in tuned with each other’s love language.

No more cramping and sore hands!

The gentle, continuous strokes just makes me relax and takes the stress off of my daily life.

I know peanutbutter and I will be using MELT for a really long time.

I’m sure you’d love to experience what I’ve experience with Melt. Just this Love month…..

Melt Video Series is on Sale from February 1 to 14, 2016. Receive lifetime access for only $89!(usually $147 in total). Nothing says I love you more than a lifetime of amazing back rubs!

This special promo is for The Peach Kitchen community, $89  for LIFETIME video access to these incredible massage techniques.

Visit MELT: Massage for Couples and avail of this exciting deal! (Trust me, it’s sooo worth it!) Because, as Denis and Emma, the creators of MELT say, every relationship deserves a little massage.

Now, that is a Romantic Living Room Picnic like no other……

Happy Hearts Day everyone!

P.S. Coming Up on my next post is the recipe for the Chorizo Basil Spaghetti!

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  1. I also skip the restaurants on Valentine’s days because of all the traffic and crowds! Homemade Valentine’s special dinner is so much better! I LOVE the idea of the romantic living room picnic – it’s perfect for Valentine’s day!

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