Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)

Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)

Stuck at home and craved for sweets! It’s hard to look for desserts because of ECQ and deliveries are also limited. Since it’s mango season and mangoes are fairly cheap these days especially if you’re buying them from the palengke. I decided to just make the easiest but delicious dessert I know — MANGO FLOAT (or Mango Ice Box Cake).

I thought it would be a great bonding experience for me and Ykaie. Alam nyo naman, cooking is really one of our favorite bonding activities and Ykaie is really starting to enjoy cooking!

Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)

My passion for cooking is something I got from my nanay so it’s nice to see that I am passing it on to my kids!

Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)
We also made some for friends and relatives who I know are also feeling down during this time. I hope this will somehow perk up their mood and cheer them up.

Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)

I chilled the Nestlé All Purpose Cream overnight and then I beat it using a mixer.It doubled in size and became fluffier. I think this is best if you’re gonna make this for selling(business).

I think I’m gonna try this using Strawberry next time. Meron akong frozen strawberries here at home.


Mango Float (Mango Ice Box Cake)

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 1 pack (250ml) Nestle All Purpose Cream
  • 1/2 cup condensed milk
  • Graham Crackers
  • Mango Slices


  1. Chill NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream overnight and whip using a handmixer.
  2. Combine with condensed milk.
  3. Put 2 tbsp of the mixture on the glass dish or microwaveable container.
  4. Arrange Graham Crackers in the container. Then top with the cream mixture.
  5. Cover with mango slices.
  6. Repeat procedure to form 2-4 layers.
  7. Keep in the refrigerator for 4 hours or until the graham is moist with cream.
  8. You can also put it in the freezer if you want it frozen.
  9. Slice into serving portions before servings.

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28 Responses

  1. Sarap niyan momsh.. Best bonding din with kids.. Ang dali pa gawin.. Tas kunti lang din yung ingredients na kailangan kaya lage po talaga ito nasa handaan..

    1. For Me If I have a lot of Mangoes in a Basket..This Mango Iced Box cake is the One that I make..Kahit po ata 2-3 tubs kayang kong ubusin hehehe..I really love this dessert..

  2. Saraaap Naman ng desserts na yan Momsh. Kakatakam. Perfect For summer. Anggaling nga eh namana ng kids mo pagiging magaling mong cook?

  3. My favorite dessert,kakamiss na kumain ng ganito. Thanks sa Recipe Momsh

  4. Maganda itong business ano po momsh! Kaya lang pag ako nagbusiness nito panigurado ako lang din makaubos.baka.malugi pa hahahaha

    1. Sarap neto. Patok tlaga eto ngayong summer. Good for business since mahihilig tayo sa mga gantong dessert.

  5. Sarap! Nakakamiss na kumain ng mango graham ?? we will try it!

  6. Oh my goodness this looks absolutely delicious! I have never tried anything similar before and with the fresh mango I know I would love it.

  7. lol…we’re on the same wavelenght. I made mango pork chops today. I’ve got leftover mangos…so I think I know what I’ll be making next. I can’t wait to try out the receip.

  8. I miss mango float! Most especially a good one! Deliveries are truly very hard lately. And in this heat, the desserts will surely melt on the roads. Great bonding experience and it’s Mother’s Day today!

  9. It is hard to find decent mango in the UK, but I really enjoy them each time I visit Thailand. I will try your recipe and see what happens

  10. Mango is the king of fruits, we use mango for making fresh juice, eat with rice, eat with meal, eat as a fruit but i never tried this Mango Ice Box Cake. the season of mango is going to start and this time we will try your recipe Mango Ice Box Cake. Thanks for sharing new idea.

  11. Wow! Mango float is my favorite. I use to make when I was in the Philippines, here not much kasi I can’t find graham crackers.

  12. Mangoes are in season right now and this is the perfect time to make desserts like this. Thank you for the recipe!

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