4 Items Every Coffee Addict Needs in their Life

These days, most people need at least one cup of caffeine in the morning to make them feel awake and keep them going through the day. So, many people drink coffee simply for practical reasons. However, there are true coffee lovers – who love trying different roasts and coffee flavors and will never say no to anything coffee-related. Sadly, if you’re really into coffee, it can be an expensive habit. Your morning cup of Starbucks may not seem like it costs a lot, but if you add it up over a month, it’s a lot of money to be spending on coffee. We’re here to share some items that will make every coffee addict’s heart happy, and hopefully, save them some money in the long run.

An Espresso Machine

Look, espresso machines can be quite costly, which is why most people don’t buy them. But the truth is that for a coffee lover, an espresso machine is well worth the money. It’s not just a fancy gadget that you’ll get bored of after a few uses – it’s an investment. Plus, this way you’ll be able to make a cup of espresso whenever you like, in just the way you like it, at a lower cost. Have a look at the Rancilio M V6 to see what it can offer you.

A Loyalty Card

Even if you have everything you need to be able to make a good cup of coffee at home, you’ll probably still want to occasionally spoil yourself with a nice coffee from your favorite coffee shop. This is fine, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep saving. Many coffee shops have a customer loyalty program. This means you can either earn a discount or get a free cup of coffee after a certain number of purchases. You can learn more about the pros and cons of customer loyalty programs here.

Coffee Recipes

Sometimes, you’ve had four cups of coffee, and you’re still craving more. Or maybe you’re getting tired of your morning cup of joe. Whatever your situation may be, if you’re a coffee addict, you need some coffee-related recipes to keep things fresh. This can be a new way of making coffee – such as trying a cold brew instead of your regular hot drink. Or it can be normal recipes that have an extra dash of coffee in them – we’re talking coffee muffins or even espresso cookies. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, why not try coffee overnight oats to get your morning dose of caffeine while having breakfast?


Any coffee lover knows that they need more mugs than the average person. But if you want to take your coffee game to the next level, you can have a few specialty mugs as well as your regular ones. For example, you can start carrying a travel mug with you so that you don’t need to use disposable coffee cups every time. And if you’re someone who gets distracted and forgets about their coffee until it’s cold, a mug warmer may be the perfect device for you.

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  1. I wish I have one of this , certified coffee lover here ? I really love coffee ,everyday and night di tlga nwawala sakin un

  2. My Dream Coffe maker.. konti pa Mommy Peachy makakabili na kami kasi eto ang aming bonding ni Hubby Coffe lover here

    1. I really Love coffe kaya isa talaga sa dream ko ang magkaroon ng coffe corner sa bahay .Ang ganda nitong Espresso Machine ?.Yan talaga komokompleto sa araw ang COFFE

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