Pinangat na Danggit

Pinangat na Danggit

To be honest, I haven’t seen fresh danggit from the market until now… or maybe I just don’t notice. ERRR, or I don’t know what fresh danggit looks like because I am so used to the dry danggit we usually eat?

Anyhoo, peanutbutter is a lot like my tatay in a way that he wants to try out seafood that’s new to him or he hasn’t seen yet. We happen to chance upon fresh danggit in the market — which is a little green in color — and wondered what it was. We were surprised when the vendor told us it was danggit and we quickly bought half a kilo.


Pinangat na Danggit

We thought it would be best cooked as pangat — so Pinangat na Danggit it is.

So what is Pinangat or Pangat? There are actually two versions of Pinangat, one is cooked with water and a souring agent and one is cooked with coconut milk. The sour version is what I grew up with, we love cooking shrimp, and other types of fish as pinangat but we only use tomato as the souring agent. Unlike sinigang, though, pinangat doesn’t have much soup.

We used tomato as it’s souring agent and peanutbutter likes it with a bit of soy sauce — like 1 tbsp. Kung ako masusunod, mas gusto ko patis lang.

So how did we like the fresh danggit compared to the dried one?

Well, it was okay. The fish is meaty and bones are minimal but I think I like the dried ones much better because it’s crispy when fried….



Pinangat na Danggit

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 500g fresh danggit, washed and cleaned
  • 6 tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce or soy sauce


  1. Arrange the tomato slices in a wide pot or pan. Put the fish on top of the tomatoes.
  2. Pour in the water. Drizzle with fish sauce.
  3. Cook in medium heat and bring to a boil.
  4. Simmer until fish is cooked through.
  5. Serve with steamed rice or eat on it’s own.
  6. Don’t forget the dipping sauce made of patis and bird’s eye chili.


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15 Responses

  1. Wow sarap naman ng pinangat na dangit hindi ko pa na try ito na fresh lage na dried at pang prito lang, at imagine ko may kaunti peanut butter mukhang malinamnam talaga..

  2. Yay… Ang sarap naman po nito mommy.. Pinagat na dangit… Mas bet ko po pag gata ang gamit.. Mas yummy… Paborito din ito ng asawa ko.. Mapapalaban talaga sa kainan.. Ahhhaha

  3. Mas gusto ko din ang kamatis lalo na pampaasim dadamihan lang! Ang dali lang lutuin momsh! Kapg nakakita ako sa palengke nyan itatry ko or yung pinangat na hiwas . ?

  4. ang sarap ng sabaw/sauce nya hehe ang dali lang din. Makagawa nga kapag may ma sight na fresh danggit sa palengke .
    .. Nasanay din ako sa may gata pero nothing compares dried danggit with suka and tomatoes tapos nagkakamay.

    1. Masarap din po pala sa danggit amg pinangat..Try ko to mommy lagi kolang po kasi pinapangay galunggong hehehe.try ko po sa danggit.thanks for the recipe

  5. Kilala ko ang isdang danggit, pero pag fresh hindi ako nakain, pero pag dry danggit yan kinakain ko..hehehe..
    Nung dalaga pa ko natuto ako magluto ng pangat, kaya sa tuwing uuwi tito galing sa trabaho yan lagi pinapaluto sakin, paborito nila kasi pangat, pangat lang ng kamatis at sibuyaas lang halo at kunting sabaw..maraming klaseng isda na rin ang nailuto ko in pinangat.

  6. wow salamat dito momsh eto gusto ko e with enggridients pa salamat dito tlga lagi ko tlga ini screenshot mga gantosng post mo ????

    1. Dami nyan dito sa UAE at medyo mura pa..d ako bumibili oc wala akong alam na luto…thank you dito at nag ka idea ako..i will definitely try it.

  7. Yes momsh mas gusto ko yung dried danggit perfect yun ipartner sa pineapple fried rice mo malutong pa yummy kakagutom hehe, diko padin natry matikman ang pinangat gawin kopo pag may fresh danggit ako thanks momsh
    Fb Queenie Mance

  8. Nice recipe momsh .. Ang gaLing simpleng recipe Lang uLam na .. favorite ko talaga mga fish Lalo na pag friend tapos sasabawan .. yay gusto ko na tuLog matutong magluto say mga recipe nyo momsh ?

  9. I never knew there was this kind of ideas sa danggit,all I know is fried danggit…this is a new ulam idea

  10. New ulam ideas!! Anything na may isda talaga, natatakam na ako!! ??

  11. Mahilig din ako sa pinangat ma masaap po kasi talaga tapos my sili. Yummy

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