Ginataang Octopus (Octopus in Coconut Milk)

Ginataang Octopus

I’ve been seeing a lot of octopus in the market (palengke) lately and I’ve always wondered how to cook them I mean, I’ve tried octopus pieces and baby octopus in Takoyaki before but I’ve never tried bigger ones. Nor have I tried cooking it.

Well, there’s a first time for everything and I decided that last week was my gonna be the first time I cook an octopus. I heard that it’s delicious with coconut milk so that’s what I did. Niluto ko sya ala Bicol Express!

I sautéed onion and garlic in oil followed by the octopus pieces. Then I poured in the coconut milk and I simmered the octopus for just a couple of minutes before taking it out again so I can thicken the sauce. I did this because I might overcook the octopus and it might get rubbery. Like what I said earlier, it’s my first time to cook octopus. Sayang naman kung magiging parang bubblegum sya, diba?

You know what I discovered while I was cooking it? Octopus is already salty as it is. That’s why I didn’t season this dish with salt anymore, I seasoned the coconut milk with a little sugar to balance the saltiness of the octopus. — And it worked. There was a balance of flavor. I added sliced finger chillies for heat but if you prefer a spicier dish, you can add bird’s eye chili or siling labuyo.

This is best served with rice! *wink*

Nakapagluto na ba kayo ng octopus? Share nyo naman kung ano pang luto ang ginagawa nyo sa octopus so I can also try.



Ginataang Octopus (Octopus in Coconut Milk)

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 1 Octopus, about 900g, cleaned and cut into pieces
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 200g pack of coconut milk
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 finger chilis, sliced
  • pepper to taste
  • bird’s eye chili (optional)


  1. Heat oil in a pan and sauté the onion and garlic until it becomes fragrant and translucent.
  2. Add the Octopus pieces and saute in the garlic and onion for about a minute or until it turns pink.
  3. Pour in the coconut milk and bring to a simmer, take the octopus from the sauce and season the sauce with sugar. Simmer until it thickens.
  4. Add the octopus back and add the chili. Let it cook for about 3 minutes and season with pepper to taste.
  5. You may add bird’s eye chili to make it more spicy.
  6. Turn off heat, transfer to your serving plate and enjoy.

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23 Responses

  1. Nakakatakam! Favorite namin ‘yan ni Mama. Makakapagluto din ako niyan, not now but soon.

  2. Natuwa ako dito kasi parang syang bicol express pero actopus version! ❤️ Iba tlaga ang cooking skill ni Mommy Peach, ang dami kong dish na nadidiscover at natututunan. Araw araw struggle sakin ang pag iisip ng ulam para sa pamilya ko, pero ngayon isesearch ko lang ang The Peach Kitchen, nagkakaroon na ko ng idea. Thank you so much Mommy Peach for all your delicious dish! Proud member of The Peach Kitchenatics here ?

  3. Naku po napaksarap nyan panigurado, kaso hanggang pusit lang kami. Di pa kaya ang octupus. Lalo na kung malapot ang pagkaka gata at maanghang. Magaling si hubby magluto nito pero di pa na try ang octupus. Di mahirap palambutin?

    1. isa din to sa.paborito kong luto sa octupos tapos maanghang at may mainit na kanin. ang sarap

  4. Hindi ako nakain ng pusit momsh pero infairness pwede po pala sya sa gata.. looks masarap po

  5. Thanks for the recipe Mommy peachy, ang sarap nmn nakakatakm

  6. Sa totoo lang di pa ko nakakain ng octopus haha, mga pusit lang kasi afford kong bilhin , by the ways it looks so yummy thanks for sharing your octopus recipe.Try ko din to sa pusit hehe

  7. Ang sarap di pa ko nakakatikim nyan momsh pero dahil sa recipe mo gusto ko matry at may maiba naman sa ulam namin haha thanks for recipe momsh

  8. Thank you The Peach Kitchen for always sharing your ideas to us on what should we cook next.Especially nowadays na hindi maiwasang ma-stress,need talaga nating maging creative on something na kakaiba na makapag-uuplift ng moods natin kahit sa pagkain man lang di ba?
    To be honest,hindi ko pa nasusubukang iluto itong ginataang octopus kasi hanggang adobo at ihaw lang nagagawa namin,haha!So itatry ko talaga itong recipe mo..Thank you,Mommy Peach!

  9. Haven’t Tried this Yet Mommy Peach and i also can’t remember kung nakatikim na ba ko ng octopus.Seeing this dish parang gusto ko din itry ?Very new sakin .And i love Gata ?Thank you for sharing another interesting Dish Mommy Peach

  10. Ma itry nga po itong recipe na Ginataang Octopus parang ang Sarap sarap..??

  11. Totoo momsh! Kapag overcooked, matigas na siya kainin. Usually ito yung ulam kapag nagbabakasyon kami sa Siquijor but without gata lang. Iniisip ko nga, parang ang sarap na lalo pa na recently lang ulam namin is Puso ng saging with gata. Super yummy

  12. Mahilig ako s mga may ulam na Gata! pero di pa ako nakakain mg Octopus ?

  13. Definitely so good and wonderful dish ,that will filled out with joy and happiness to our family

  14. Surely masarap po ito mommy Peachy. Ngayon ko lang din po nakakita nitong ganitong luto.

  15. I super love the recipe ..I love sea foods especially octopus..thank you for this recipe..

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